As a non-profit association created in 2004, our mission is to help children in Macau who are suffering from communication, developmental and learning disorders by offering therapy services, based on a child's needs, so that these children can grow into independent and productive citizens of Macau.

For the years 2011, 2012 and onwards, MCDA's main focus has been and is still our aim to improve the quality of services: better premises, increase our manpower as is needed in areas such as administrative professionals, specialists, therapists, materials and assessment tools, raise the number of sessions and services to meet the children's needs rather than MCDA financial situation, as it is sadly currently happening! It is unfair for the children and their families not to receive services according to their needs, as each child is equal and deserves equal opportunities to achieve and reach for the stars, as it is our motto.

To achieve our motto ("Help children reach for the stars!") and address all our children and families' needs, we have been developing a life-span approach, based on their individual characteristics, namely: age, mother tongue, nationality, financial situation, in order to help them grow and reach their full potential; and prevent them from further and serious consequences to their future, such as dropping out of school, substance abuse, and delinquency. This includes helping them to develop new skills and self-awareness. MCDA activities and projects' main focus is early intervention / primary prevention. To achieve it, MCDA has developed a series of programs and intervention services to address the different stages of a child development.

Each service program composes of different levels and the scope models of services are divided into subcategories such as On-Site Settings, Home Based, Educational Settings such as nurseries, primaries and secondary schools to Universities, tutorial centers, and other organizations in English, Portuguese and Cantonese languages upon professional's availability.


These programs and services include:


Early Intervention Program is one of the most important and crucial services that MCDA provides to children, families and the community. Early Intervention Program is aimed at younger children that may have or probable to have developmental delays. It is a comprehensive, coordinated and multidisciplinary intervention that involves combinations of programs, therapies and activities.

Integrated Learning through Play Activities has been developed for children that aims to integrate children with probability of developmental delays, offering them educational training therapy in an environment group of socialization, as well as promoting a love of learning. Integrated learning through play activities: gives a chance for the children with LD / autism to socialize, learn and integrate with typical children. They share, communicate and interact with each other.  Both groups benefit from this, the typical children learn to have empathy and tolerance.

Formative Years Support Program (5 – 12 years) focuses on helping children with social integration in a school setting, coping with following instructions, environment modifications (coping with transitions at school), communication skills, and comprehension skills.

Special Education Therapy is the provision of extra help, adapted programmes, learning environments, or specialised equipment or materials to support children and young people with their academic learning and help them participate in education.

Speech Therapy involves much more than simply teaching a child to correctly pronounce words. Speech Therapy is the treatment for most children with speech and/or language disorders. A speech disorder refers to a problem with the actual production of sounds, whereas a language disorder refers to a difficulty understanding or putting words together to communicate ideas. In fact, a speech language pathologist working with an autistic child or adult may work on a wide range of skills including: non-verbal communication, speech pragmatics, conversation skills, and concept skills.

Occupational Therapy is a platform for children to learn daily skills, to overcome their difficulties, to integrate into the community and to cope with the difficulties of daily life. It is a treatment that focuses on helping people achieve independence in all areas of their lives. It helps children with various needs improve their cognitive, physical, and motor skills and enhance their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

Psychomotor Therapy Program works with children using Sensory Motor Developmental programs which consist of a variety of carefully planned activities, to be carried out in an environment where the child feels happy and confident and is able to play “freely”. It helps children with gross motor training, fine motor training, sensory motor training, eye hand coordination training, visual perceptual training, auditory perceptual training, handwriting skills training, problem solving training, ADL (Activities of Daily Living) training, social skills training, behavior management and parent education

Therapy Group is a therapy opportunity for a group of up to 6 children, to overcome their specific disabilities and to help them cope with academics.

Family Support focuses on teaching parents and caregivers the techniques in taking care of their children. During the sessions, caregivers and parents receive training and education on the special needs of the child, as well as, specific information and skills through direct activities, so they can help the children to meet milestones and become independent.

Advocacy is in an effort to create awareness on the rights of all the children in Macau and in the world particularly making emphasis on the rights of the children with special needs such as learning difficulties and developmental disorders-autism


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