Macau Child Development Association (MCDA) is a non-profit association that has a mission to help all children in Macau to grow into healthy, productive, and happy adults specially children with developmental and communication disorders such as Autism and learning difficulties such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and among others. MCDA aims to offer these children and their families a range of therapies and educational programs that meet international standards, as well as other supportive services. MCDAadvocates the inclusion of all children into the community through public awareness and education.

Globally, the number of cases of children suffering from speech, language, learning, and other developmental Difficulties is increasing. Macau cannot escape this unfortunate trend. MCDA is committed to identifying and treating a wide range of these disorders, through the hiring of bilingual, university-educated specialists.

MCDA has been legally registered in Macau as a non-profit association.

Our plan since 2004 is to organize a team of child development specialists to provide specialize education, assessment, and therapy services to children. We also intend to build a network with other schools and child centers in Macau to offer services to a larger number of families and children.

A full team of directors is in place through General Assembly elections.


Every Child Deserves Equal Opportunities! Every Child Can Be Helped! It is their right


Our vision is to become a one-stop source for families to find services, information, and other resources to help their children living with Autism, learning difficulties, and other developmental disorders. We also aim to ensure that our services are affordable for as many Macau families as possible.


To help all children in Macau grow into healthy, productive, independent, and happy adults - especially those children challenged with developmental, communication, and learning disorders; such as Autism, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and others.


" To help children with special needs grow and develop their abilities
" To facilitate integration and inclusion in the community, school, family.
" To raise public awareness on early childhood intervention and its benefits
" To provide a range of services, therapies, treatments, and educational programs that meet the individual needs of children in Macau base on international standards
" To create local and international connections that will promote multi-disciplinary approaches for children with Autism and learning difficulties
" To establish partnerships and synergies with other local and international organizations which share the same goals
" To be a liaison across Macau's communities and other agencies involved in child welfare and education
" To increase public awareness of Autism and other developmental disorders as treatable conditions
" To work to influence policy within government organizations to offer public health initiatives and policy changes
" To solicit and collect funds for the accomplishment of these goals


Helping Children Reach for their Stars!