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News in 2010

Fundraising Drive!

Reaching for the Stars not for the Drugs

We are pleased to inform you that MCDA’s youth project entitled KNOWLEDGE – The Tool for Success and Right Decisions partially sponsored by the DSEJ is still ON-GOING!

Click on the image for further information or click on this link.

Youth Carnival

You are welcome to join the Youth Carnival 2010 festivities. Part of the activity is a Parade.  Youngsters, children and families will take to the streets for a day of fun and festivities in Taipa in true carnival spirit. It will be a colorful day out. It will be a vibrant event that will take place to propagate and broadcast that youngsters can have FUN WITHOUT DRUGS!

Interview in TDM

The Macau Child Development Association President, Miss Eliana Calderon had been interviewed by TDM's English Language show host, Mr. Glenn McCartney last September 22, 2010 at TDM Studio with issues related to Learning Difficulties and it's current situation in Macau. The show will be on air at TDM TV Channel next weekend Saturday (October 02, 2010 at 8:00pm) and Sunday (October 03, 2010 at 11:30pm).

New Macau Child Development Expansion Center

MCDA is going to have two other centres: one centre is located across from MCDA's current location and the centre will be in Macau. These locations will help us to expand our services so that even more children will have access to the vital services of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Special Education. The increase in physical space will also allow us to include an area for the highly specialized equipment used in Occupational Therapy for children with motor and sensory integration disorders. This is a dream that MCDA has had for many years and it is finally being realized. We trust you share in this excitement as we move toward this goal.

Sport Stacking Club of Macau

The Macau Child Development Association (MCDA)invites you to see this video about sport stacking that supports special needs students.  Witness how their faces light up and their self-esteem heighten. This sport has been introduced in our activities for the children.

Furthermore, MCDA would be organizing such special event in the near future to be able to provide a different sport activity for the children regardless of their learning disabilities.


MCDA have a large number of children receiving services, we would greatly appreciate educational materials and toys donations from you to continue helping our children reach for the stars.   Thank you very much!

Macau No Coracao

Helloween Party

Macau Trailiker 2010

On behalf of all the children who receive services at MCDA, we extend heartfelt gratitude to PokerStars Macau for joining our dream of helping Children Reach for the Stars. PokerStars Macau donated MOP200,000 to Macau Child Development Association to be used for Assessment Programs and Therapy Equipment.

United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child

World Autism Congress Asia 2010